I am a multi award winning designer and art director with experience in agile/scrum development. I hold double degrees in Graphic Design and Film, as well as a professional diploma in digital marketing. My work covers all digital platforms including mobile, TV, eCom, social media, video production and product development. My strength lies in conveying the story of a brand to the consumer through all commercial channels. I do not hesitate to be behind the camera or a computer also collaborate with other creative professionals who are passionate about the brand and the storytelling.

During the 10 years of my career, I have produced work for clients such as Adidas, Reebok, LG, Samsung, Disney, National Geographic, Fox, Virgin Media, Discovery Channel, FOX and AMC among others. My care for intelligible documentation, analytic strategy and strong brand awareness is an indispensable quality for stakeholders as well as the teams I work with.

I am a traveller, filmmaker and long lasting collaborator for projects that explores the power of effective communication.

My latest CV can be found in this link