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Slacker’ is the first in a series of short documentary films exploring the inner mind of contemporary extreme sportsmen.

In December 2013, Slackliner Guy Ruyssevelt ‘s walking a line in El Chorro / Spain was filmed by our team, whilst also interviewing him during the two days of his preparation and performance on Las Elcantadas.

Guy’s story is unique; he pursues his sport with no interest in fame or glory, he simply loves what he does, but he’s also pursued a lifestyle which enables him to embrace his passion without following the daily grind. We wish to film a number of extreme sportsmen, but again with a focus on how this sport becomes a part of their life and routine. Not all can solely pursue an idyllic quest for the ultimate rush, but many do try to keep the flame burning, even with kids and mortgages.

We would like to use intimate interviews with the extreme sportsmen, profile their character and picture the motivation they use to push themselves onwards.

Director: Inci Arici
Camera: Inci Arici, Lech Wojas, Mattheus Barefoot
Producer: Tom Ireson
Music: Ian Bull & Rachel Hewitt
Sound Design: Fatih Tuter
Post Production: CBSS Creative Studio

3rd place at the Audience Awards
Sierra Nevada Award at Mountain Film Festival

Screenings & Nominations:
Cannes Short Film Festival
LA All Shorts Film Festival
Other Venice Film Festival
Sheffield Film Festival
TOFF Online Film Festival
Mountain Film Festival Canada